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Concept App: Signum X Dollarama

Category: UX, UI, Advertising

For: Side Project, An Extension to Dollarama Rebrand Project

Challenge: Create an App to Increase Foot Traffic to Dollarama Stores.

The idea was heavily inspired by my past Dollarama Repositioning Project, to recap, there were out-of-home posters labelled with distances to the nearest Dollarama from where the poster is. This would persuade the audiences who see the ad to try to look for the store, and there will certainly be an immediate urge to go to Dollarama if the distance is close. The app Signum will aid this acting as an "alarm", by notifying the users as they get closer to the brick and mortar store.

Signum Brief Overview

Key Features:

  • Alert the User with Default Sound (Heartbeat), Vibration, Music from User's Playlist, adjustable in the Settings.

  • Depending on the distance between User and Dollarama, the vibration, music stronger and all 3 yellow light flashes at the closest distance  

  • UI Design heavily inspired by using Dollarama’s Corporate Colours! (Other Brands will have their signature colours used as UI)

  • App will be constantly updated and patched for additional features! 

The App will increase foot traffic to Dollarama as it may attract Users that can visit on impulse when the Signum "signals" them. An example is the person may be heading somewhere and the Signum gives him the signal that he is very close to Dollarama, the User can be persuaded and may want to drop by, especially if the product he was looking for can also be found at Dollarama. With the App, the Dollarama or the businesses that are partnered with the App can be open to new ways of advertising directly to the users. An example is McDonald's can alter the "signal" setting to their ringtone (slogan), this means the user will hear the ringtone when they are nearby the brick and mortar store. This itself is an alarm, so Users can turn it off or leave them off to not hear from notification from McDonald's.

Signum Layout 1
Signum Layout 2
Signum Layout 3
Signum Logo
Signum Logo Sketch
Signum Logo Animation Sketch
Signum Version 2 Overview
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