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The Other Way

Category: Advertising, Art Direction

For: Humber College

Challenge: Create an Advertisement for any Brand using Number of Visual Communication Techniques learned from class.

With the series of ads, I wanted to convey that the irresistible quality of Burger King will have you choose death (?) over getting your burger stolen by the group of people.
Fun: The audience has to look the “other way”, upside down to see the tagline and the Burger King’s Logo.

The Other Way Poster Ad 1
The Other Way Poster Ad 2

Tagline: It will have you go the “other” way. 

The Other Way Poster Ad 1 On Ad Board
The Other Way Poster Ad 2 On Ad Board

Visual Communication Techniques Used:
•Minimalism: Minimal use of colours, colours were Burger King’s very own colours from logo.
•Symbolism: First ad was incorporated with real life iconic emergency fire exit sign, with a tweak of play on words  
•Contrast: The illustration gets centre of the attention to deliver a clear message from the background.

Going Further with the Advertisement Idea, I have arrived at a PSA idea, by adding an inspirational aspect to the original humourous tone.

Goal of the PSA: To Persuade the people with suicidal thoughts to think "The Other Way" and deter their actions.

Background/Recap: The dude* with whopper has been running for his life, through "fire" and past "dinosaur". The dude has been running across the globe to run away from those that are hungry for his whopper. During his "journey", he has gone through many tough phases, facing many fears including a countless number of cliffs.

*The Dude: It isn't one person, but it symbolizes any person with the whopper. 

The Other Way Ambient Ad 1
The Other Way Ambient Ad 2

Ambient Advertisements will be seen in places and spots with the highest suicide rates around the world.

Locations include:

  • TTC Subway Platforms (Toronto, Canada)

  • Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada)

  • Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, United States) 

  • Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge (Nanjing, China)

Instagram Idea:

The Whopper dudes' marks (?) are scattered across the globe, find and take a photo of these spots, post using the hashtag #theotherway, along with an inspiration statement.

The Other Way Social Media Post
The Other Way Social Media

There is always the other way.

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