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E-Sports Team:


Category: Graphic Design, Art Direction, Advertising, Branding

For: Side Project

Challenge: Re-branding for an E-sports Team

DoV Branding Title Page
DoV Background Information
DoV Redirection Motive
DoV Competitors
DoV Description of League of Legends
DoV Logo Design
DoV Logo Types and Colour System
DoV Core Values
DoV Twitter Banner
DoV Hoodie
DoV Mask
DoV Badge
DoV Discord Landing Page
DoV Facility Idea
DoV Partners: FILA
DoV Branding Conclusion

I have been playing League of Legends for very long time and followed the major tournaments now and then, it is an always exciting feeling of putting DoV out there with hopes of one day getting closer and closer to a wider audience.

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DoV Halloween Poster Version 1
DoV Halloween Poster Version 2

A New Challenge

Create Twitch Stream Package for E-sports Team DoV, Promotional Poster for Tournament

As a graphic designer with the DoV, I was able to design the team's stream package for Twitch (live streaming platform). My main goal was to keep DoV's character "driven" alive, portray modern, minimal design and be breathing in all parts of end product.


Things to consider for upcoming future:

  • DoV logo animation

  • Alert animation

  • Emotes

  • Subscriber badges

  • More!


Take a look at the man behind DoV, Wayne's own guide on League of Legends, includes top tier list, in-depth strategy guide on the TFT mode.

Twitch Stream Offline Screen, Intermission, Starting, Profile Title Banners, Alert Box, Cam Overlay

DoV: Twitch Stream Package

Tournament Posters, Profile Sponsor Banners

DoV tournament poster, sponsor banner
DoV tournament poster 2

DoV Team Roster Posters, DoV Tournament Twitch Overlays in Action

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