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It's a Monumental Problem

Category: Advertising
For: Humber College
Group Members: Daniel Min, Yeiji Cho
Challenge: Create a PSA for WWF.
Goal: Produce series of advertisment to Raise Awareness about Global Warming. 

Out of many negative impacts Global Warming has on the planet, large rise in global sea levels was our main focus, due to Thermal Expansion (Expansion of water as it heats up from high temperature), Melting Glaciers (Diminished snowfall in Winter, Greater amount of melting during Summer).

It's a Monumental Problem Mind Map
It's a Monumental Problem Half-Size Linear Rough Sketch

The Rise in Sea Levels:
A severe issue especially for people in East and Southeast Asia, 4 out of 5 people impacted by sea-level rise is in that area. Many coastal cities have plans to cope with long-term prospects of high sea levels including: building seawalls, restructuring and relocating roadways away from areas of possible flooding, planting mangroves which hold soil together and prevent coastal erosion. The US city built a series of dam barriers, flood-walls with a length of 560km around New Orleans, 80% of the city was underwater in 2005 due to Hurricane Katrina.

Main Strategy:
Series of ads with Iconic, “Monumental” Buildings around the World drowning in water. Play on word monumental as this can express “large” and also “iconic”, portrays the rise in sea level is both large and iconic problem.

It's a Monumental Problem CN Tower Ad
It's a Monumental Problem Statue of Liberty Ad

The reaction we want from the audience:
Overwhelmed, shocked, become fearful
We want the audience to understand a situation like our advertisement can happen in the future and what happens in movies (Day After Tomorrow) can happen in real life.

It's a Monumental Problem Ads on Magazine

Tone and Manner:
Gloomy, Disastrous, Catastrophic
Dark colored images demonstrate the severity of the issue.
Give awareness to audience the future can be grim if we don’t take action.

Ambient ads by bus shelters, building floors, and top of CN Tower (this pairs up with the CN Tower print ad). Water can overflow near your most used bus shelters, your workplace and of course “monumental buildings.”

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