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Last Brewery On Earth: Sitio

Category: Graphic Design, Art Direction, Advertising

For: Humber College

Challenge: Create a Branding for a craft brewery "Last Brewery On Earth" and its IPA called Sitio.

Last Brewery On Earth Logo
Last Brewery On Earth Backgrond
LBOE's Product Sitio Brief Description
LBOE's Product Sitio's Mission
LBOE's Product Sitio Closer Look
Sitio's Key Inspiration - Snickers Campaign

Inspiration: Advertisements were heavily influenced by candy bar Snickers "You're not you when you're hungry" long-running campaign. It will have a Humourous tone. In the ads, the protagonist is getting splashed by Sitio, this action is to punish (?) and deter the audience from using the animal idioms. It is perceived that the person used the idiom because he was in a thirsty state and therefore needs to drink Sitio and get splashed to wake up to his senses, become normal.

Poster Ad below tries to tell the audience to drink Sitio, since you can "see" (everyone can) the illustration of "two birds with one stone" therefore must be thirsty (get punished by imagining such a thing) and must drink Sitio to go back to normal state.

Sitio Poster Ad
Sitio's Core Mission Part 1
Sitio's Core Mission Part 2
Sitio Poster Ambient Ad
Sitio Poster Ad on Building
Sitio Poster and Ambient Ad in streets
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