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Exceed your limit

Category: Graphic Design, Art Direction, Advertising, Branding

For: Side Project

Challenge: Create Twitch Stream Package for E-sports Team DoV, Promotional Poster for Tournament

DoV: Twitch Stream Package
DoV tournament poster, sponsor banner
DoV tournament poster 2

As a graphic designer under the DoV, I was able to design the team's stream package for Twitch (live streaming platform). My main goal was to keep the designs cohesive to the DoV's direction and personality. (Check out the DoV rebranding our team worked on under page E-Sports: DoV in my portfolio!)

Parts completed:

  • Twitch profile picture

  • Twitch webcam overlay

  • Twitch screen overlay (offline, starting, intermission)

  • Twitch panels

  • Twitch sponsor panels


Things to consider for upcoming future:

  • DoV logo animation

  • Alert animation

  • Emotes

  • Subscriber badges

  • More!


Take a look at the man behind DoV, Wayne's own guide on League of Legends, includes top tier list, in-depth strategy guide on the TFT mode.

Join DoV Community on Discord:

Follow DoV on Twitter:

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