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Concept Brand: 27E

Category: Branding, Graphic Design, Art Direction, UX/UI (In Future)
For: Humber College
Challenge: Design and Promote a Brand while meeting AODA Standards in the Promotional Pieces.

27E_Goal: A Unique Clothing Brand that hopes to bring solution to one of today’s problem: As technology constantly evolves, and people gradually become too attached to “material success”, time to express emotion decreases. This brand will aid in expressing emotion between consumers.

27E_ History
Here is a quote from one of my favourite book and movie called The Little Prince. 
“And now here is my secret a very simple secret: it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
On the left, is a puzzle with missing pieces that are completed on the right with the puzzle piece "emotion". This puzzle strongly relates to the portfolio piece which is a concept brand design.


After reading the quote from The Little Prince, I have interpreted that it was describing “emotion”:

Emotion can be hidden like a secret, some can be seen with the naked eye, but core emotion is said to be felt with the heart.  

27E Puzzle
27E Logo Overview
27E Target Market and Competition
27E Logos with 27 Assigned Colours

AODA Standards Met:
•    Efficient kerning and spacing between letters and words in the promotional materials to improve legibility
•    Use of “Display Font” Bahnschrift makes it easy to recognize and understand from distance.
•    Use of Grid System for Website Landing Page, consistent structure, clear titles (predictable order of menu) allows the audience to quickly digest the options, therefore, easier to navigate.
•    Contrast is an element used throughout the works, they ensure readability

27E_ Logo Animation

27 Emotion collapses while spinning to become the “logo” of the clothing brand 27E. In the animation, the coloured bars are red and blue representing the colour of artery and vein coming together (using “position” option) to “power” the logo (heart) which makes it expand and shrink (starts beating), this was shown by using the “Scale” option in After Effects. The thumping sound is used in the background to make the visual more effective.


27E Logo Animation Storyboard
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